Monday, September 13, 2010

Un grand post écrit on the airplane.

          I’m sitting here on the airplane, at least 4 hours into the flight, and I look up and the monitor says there is 4:54 remaining until we arrive...WHAT?!?! This is only supposed to be a 6h20 minute flight!!!  So I silently freak for a few minutes (more like 10 seconds) before I realize, wait a minute, thats the same amount of time left that there was two airline-tv shows ago!  So I turn on my computer, and it’s actually 11:30 pm, which means it’s 5:30am Paris time, and therefore I only have 2.5 hours left in this airplane...whew. That’s two Boston Legals and then descent!!  
         I also decided to turn this into a blog post because I have nothing better to do...the airline TV is crap and my seat is very uncomfortable.  The airline lady said that my seat (9E on a boeing 757 version 1) was ‘the best seat on the plane...window seat in an exit row’  but it turns out not only is there no window at all in this row, but the seat is a good 1.5 feet from the wall, so I can’t lean up against it.  Also as there are no seats in front of me, we have to store our carry-ons overhead, like 5 rows back.  Oh well, at least I have extra leg room!   Next time I fly this model of a plane, I’ll know to choose seats 10A or 10E.  That way I get leg room, AND a wall to lean against when I try to sleep.  
         Soul Sister and her partner came to see me off at the airport, it was so nice.  I gave her a present and also a present for her to give to Best Friend and a card for The Boy that he isn’t supposed to open until mid-semester cause it’s all time-specific and cool like that (‘by now it’s midterms, halloween just happened’, etc..).  Hopefully he waits cause it’s no fun to read those kinds of letters early.  Totally spoils the fun. If you’re reading this post, DON’T READ THE CARD UNTIL NOVEMBER 1ST OR ELSE! 
         I have no idea what my host mother/father/sisters look like, only my host brother cause we’re facebook friends (yup I creeped mega).  I wonder if he did the same thing I did, showed his parents ‘look mom and dad, it’s my host sibling!!’  ...I wonder if they know what I look like!  
         Saying goodbye to my family was really hard, I cried a little bit. Especially when saying goodbye to Sibling.  I got her a present as well, it’s one of the Willow Tree figurines (these beautifully carved figures that are each assigned an emotion/virtue/relationship and are very expressive despite having no face!), the one called “miss you”. It’s a small child holding a wire balloon that says ‘miss you’ in the middle and has a tilted head, one hand up to where it’s heart would be.  It’s sad but cute, exactly the body language you’d imagine.
        I got Best Friend a pair of the figurines, “sisters at heart” and they face each other and are posed as if they’re playing a clapping game.  Très mignonne!  
        Ugh I just want to fall asleep or get off this airplane.  But when I arrive in Paris I will have a whole day ahead of me!  No rest for the wicked, eh?  
         ALSO my a cappella group just got three new members!  Ryan, Angus, and Morgan.  I won’t get to meet them until next Fall, but I’m so happy that we have babies!  To be honest, some of the (used to be) seniors really needed to leave in order for rehearsals to run more smoothly, etc.  It was kind of funny/sad, it seemed like some of the used-to-be-seniors were dismayed when they realized that life in the group had gone on fine without them, that we still got along and had fun, that we didn’t fall apart when they left.  Talk about narcissism. But that’s ok, I know I have my own faults and in a group of 17/18 type-A performers, narcissism is the least of your worries.
         I miss many of my friends already, especially the experiences I have with them.  Going to Mr. Crepe with the Best Friend, long, drawn-out Dewick dinners with Soul Sister, watching Party Down with The Boy and cuddling, conspiring with Best Friend’s boyfriend to team up against her when we play quarters,  laughing at the Elderly Insane with Sibling...
         WAIT...the Elderly Insane, you say?  I don’t believe I have used this terminology before.  Let me explain, dearest readers.  The Elderly Insane are, quite simply, my parents.  My 61-year old mother works as an instructional aide in our local high school; my 66-year old father is a retired teacher who now works as a store clerk in our local general store.  They are elderly, and insane, but lovely people in actuality. 
Ok turbulance is minimal so I’m going to use this opportunity to pee.  

à bientôt, mes readers!

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  1. Too bad Elderly Father doesn't have a side a SINGER IN A POPULAR BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How boring he must be?!@@@?&**