Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three jours before je départe!

Bonjour, readers!

Vous êtes compris des amis (friends) et famille (family), et peut être des randos!  I created this blog to chronicle my year in Paris, through the Tufts-in-Paris program.  Not much to write about so far, mostly preparations.

Today I said goodbye to lots of my friends.  It was tough, thinking that some of these people (friends who are seniors now) I might never see again, but reassuring to know that others (i.e my best friend who will join me in Paris for the Spring) will only be absent from my day-to-day life for a few months.

I've been fairly irritable today, or rather, my crying threshold is lowered, and to cope I've been anti-social, in the hopes that keeping interaction to a minimum will prevent my family from saying something that accidentally sets off the waterworks.  That and I keep repeating random things in my head whenever I do feel tears coming....watermelons, screwdrivers, pickles, ponies...watermelons, screwdrivers, pickles, ponies...

The next two days will be devoted to packing; if I have all my stuff packed by Thursday night I am going to go up to Tufts for one last night, hang out at Panama with my ZBT friends and the best friend, and also see the boy.

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