Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food et les repas

So my host mother cooks amazing food.  Nothing super exotic or complicated, but SO DELICIOUS.

My favorites so far have been:

Quiche with egg and cheese and ham
Baked salmon with some other kind of fish, a delicious creamy/buttery/I have no idea what sauce, and rice
Spaghetti Carbonara
Stuffed tomatoes
Salad made of avocado, tomatoes, and cucumber
Roasted Chicken with green beens and potatoes
Fromage blanc (like plain yoghurt only thicker and less sweet) with lots of sugar!

I can't even remember all the other dishes because It's all been so tasty!

Some of the delicious things I've eaten at restaurants have been:
Onion soup with cheese and bread in it
Filet of Féra (a fish that lives in lake Annecy) with butter, lemon, and parmesan risotto
Steak with a basil sauce and string fries (sounds simple but it was top-notch)
Fondue (I have no idea which cheeses they used but it was SUPER tasty)

Some of the foods that I miss more than life itself:
scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
just plain cheddar cheese
toast with butter
drinking ice-cold skim milk
apples and peanut butter
Berryline frozen yogurt (original flavor)

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