Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Les premiers jours

Alors.  It's been really busy these first few days, and I know I said I'd post pictures of Paris, but I haven't taken any yet...So here are pictures of my room!

My room viewed from the window.
I have a shower and sink en-suite!
My room viewed from my door.
 (Note: looks messy, but its not actually)

I like my room a lot (I like my room, alot...roarrrrr).  It's small but cozy, and I have a sink, shower, mini-fridge, and microwave.  Also it's high up (6th floor) so I can leave my window open and not worry about break-ins.  

Today we explored the Latin Quarter and Left Bank.  It was nice, but I don't remember much of the navigation...just some cool places we saw (i.e really old buildings/streets, etc..).  Some of the walls are so thick in the old buildings, and the (mini) streets SO narrow; our guide told us that it's basically what it was like au moyen-âge - in the middle ages.  

I also finally joined the blackberry club, as that is what my french phone is.  Too bad Sprint doesn't use SIM cards otherwise I could bring my phone home and use it in the States as well.  

These past few days, boy it's been a sensory-overload! A lot of it is just walking/exploring in between orientation sessions and French classes.  I still need to buy some things but haven't had the time yet.  At least Saturday is a free day so I can get some stuff done.  

It's late; so time for bed.  

Bonne nuit!

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  1. How cool to see buildings as they were in the middle ages!!!!!!!!!!