Sunday, October 3, 2010

More nights out!

       So this past weekend I went out a few times, and discovered some awesome bars!  The first is called Chez Georges, and it has an upper level and a lower level (a cave).  It's old looking with stone walls and quaint, and the music and dancing in the cave brings you right back to the 1940's; you almost expect to see some American soldiers on leave walk through the door!  They play jazz, oldish songs (Those Were the Days, New York New York, etc), random russian/hebrew/some language I don't understand music, and everyone just dances and has fun!

Also there are a bunch of fun places on Rue Princesse, namely: The Frog and Princess, Eden Park (yay rugby themed places!), The Little Temple Bar, and another one next to Frog/Princess that I forget the name of.

I also realized recently that France doesn't have an embargo against Cuban goods, so I bought a little Montecristo cigar earlier in the day (forgot to get clippers), got a bartender to cut the tip off, and smoked it as we went from bar to bar.  I must say, I really enjoy the taste of cigars, and while obviously they're not good for you, as you don't inhale the smoke (or I don't, at least), I don't have as many reservations about smoking a cigar here and there, for special occasions.

It's really fun hanging out outside the bars. The street itself is a place to be!  People are all standing around in clumps and smoking, or wandering's a great way to meet new people and join a crowd headed to the next fun spot.

And at 3 euros per shot, they're about the same price as Powderhouse!

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