Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bolshoi Ballet


Tonight I saw the most incredible dance performance I have ever seen in my entire life.  It was the Bolshoi Ballet's Creation 2010- "And Then, One Thousand Years of Peace".  Here are a couple reviews:

Review 1
Numero 2
     Excerpt: A fertile source of interpretation, the very word Apocalypse (from the Greekapo: "to lift" and calypsis: "veil") evokes the idea of revealing, unveiling, or highlighting elements that could be present in our world but are hidden from our eyes.  It should thus evoke what is nestled in the innermost recesses of our existence, rather than prophesizing about compulsive waves of catastrophe, irreparable destruction, or the imminent end of the world. 

When dance, the art of the indescribable par excellence, assumes the role of the developer (in the photographic sense), is it not most able to realize this delicate function of exposing our fears, anxieties, and hopes? Dance relentlessly highlights the entropy of molecules programmed in the memory of our flesh that heralds the Apocalypse of bodies. It stigmatises our rituals and reveals the incongruity of our positions, be they of a social, religious or pagan nature. 

And then, one thousand years of peace wishes to graze these bodies that drift along blindly, tossed about by ideals and beliefs, somewhat lost between the lines of the Apocalypse.

In any case, the dancers were incredible.  Flexibility, strength, and complete bodily control just radiated from every single dancer.  The piece was not classical, but modern (however you could clearly see how it was ballet and not just 'modern dance'...I guess that means it had lots of technicality?).  

The opening segment had the dancers in nude booty shorts and bandeau bras for the women, and the men wore tan/nude/yellow suits.  It involved plastic sheeting and I can only imagine it was to represent primordial ooze? Who knows...

Then came the animals

And the humans

And then some humans with books

And then homoerotic men with books and loinclothy shorts


The flag orgy had dancers with flags wrapped around their heads (veiling their faces) and entwined around their bodies.  Each time they froze, they were in an orgy.  I mean, it could've been some hardcore porn, the positions they froze in. This part was definitely NOT interpretive, but explicitly sexual. 

Then some war (men in green dancing with chains (bombs?) falling from the ceiling and gun sound techno playing. 

So much more happened.  

Then at the end the flags were 'washed' in sinks and layed out on the floor, and two dancers in flowy white tunics came out holding lambs, placed them on the stage, nuzzled and watched them for about a minute, and then it was over. 



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