Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bienvenue, 2011!

So it's a new year but not quite a new semester.  This coming week is my last week of Tufts classes, and the following week is my last week of classes at le Catho.  And then Tufts classes start the week after THAT, and my cours externes start the first and second week of February (for le Catho and Paris I/III, respectively).

So I don't have a week of complete break, but I come pretty damn close the last week of January.

Best Friend is here, now, for the semester, which is super super awesome!  The day she arrived I went to her apartment and it was like no time had passed. I spent the night and then the following day helped her and her mom shop for/carry apartment items and groceries at the giant centre commerciale Parly 2.  We left around 1pm, returned at about 9:45pm, cooked dinner, and then Best Friend and I went out to some bars/clubs.  I spent the night at her apartment again, and finally left on Sunday to have lunch with another friend and babysit (which is a whole other story...gotta love when a baby poops while you're in the middle of changing its diaper.  Poop was everywhere.  Up the kids back, on his shirt, on the towel, on the changing table, on me, on his hands, etc)

Another close friend of mine and Best Friend (whom we shall call Best Friend's Roommate or BFR) arrives tomorrow morning.  She is super awesome and was BFR for freshman and sophomore year.  She'll be living in an other banlieu completely across paris from me, so chances are we will converge at Best Friend's apartment very often to save the trek.  Tomorrow we'll be having dinner all together, which will be super awesome as the three of us haven't hung out for an extended period of time since this past spring!

Posts might will be sparse in the next 2 weeks as I finish reading/writing assignments before the end of term, but I'll try to post more as soon as I have time/something to post about.  Maybe I'll write a post when I figure out what classes I'm taking for the spring semester...So far I'm looking at another Tufts lit class, a lit class at Paris III, a History of Science class at Paris I, and then I'll need one more class to fill the 4th spot.

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